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In the world of tech, a lot of companies, especially the smaller ones and startups, their financials are quite opaque. You never know on the surface if one is about to go under or go unicorn. Austin Leo, VP of USI Insurance Services, highlights a specialized type of insurance, once reserved for large manufacturers, that can help larger companies identify who to do business with… especially those with the least risk of going under before they pay their bills. And that’s just one benefit. It’s a great example of insurance coverage that adds tangible monetary value… even when you don’t have a claim. Austin walks us through the many ways these policies help and how they work in real-world terms. Tune in to find out…
  • A strategy to prepare for a gap in your accounts receivable
  • A “backdoor” way to get information on potential clients
  • How to increase sales with insurance
  • Why lenders love this insurance – and are ready to spread the love to you
  • And more
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