Ep 14. Dalton Franke - Gut health and the smart approach to training


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In episode 14 I was lucky enough to be joined by Dalton Franke from Flex Success. Dalton is a nerd like me when it comes to training and nutrition. In this episode we do our best to 'dumb things down' without rambling on, as we are both certainly capable of. We discus gut health and how you should consider the simple factors of fibre intake and fibre type before you go down the path of spending tonnes of money and time on food intolerance tests and various other gut health related protocols. We discus how having gluten in your diet might be the thing you need to improve your symptoms of GI distress which goes against popular belief We then talk about why having a large discrepancy of training volume and intensity from the start compared to the end of a training program is a smarter approach than just going all in from week 1. We discuss how you don't need to be leaving the gym in a ambulance for the session to be effective and productive, and how that approach will bring sub optimal results.

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