Illinois Man Starting Truck & Tractor Show in His Hometown + Market Report From Pete


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Machinery Pete gives an update on the farm equipment market (on fire) + cool story of an Illinois man working to start up a new Truck & Tractor Show in his hometown of Neponset, IL. The event is scheduled for June 26, 2021.

  • [:30] - Machinery Pete teases today’s interview
  • [3:08] - Used values continue to go up, what that means for now + the future
  • [12:18] - Interview with Rodney Benett begins
  • [13:45] - The idea behind the Truck & Tractor Show
  • [15:55] - How to reach out and get involved with the show
  • [17:28] - Why include trucks in the show?
  • [20:38] - How Rodney and his friend saved the Neponset Legion
  • [27:20] - Rodney’s motivation behind the show, life in Neponset and what he’ll display
  • [39:20] - Final words from Machinery Pete

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