Ep #666: Halloween Special w/ Stefan Spec & Kate Bradley


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Oh no.... It's Halloween!! And host Anthony Assaf received an anonymous letter telling him be ready to record an episode in a cemetery where he meets Dollar Shave Club CEO and founder Michael "Shavermen" Dubin (Stefan Spec) and sentient abstract female mannequin Genesis (Kate Bradley). SPOOKY You can see Stefan Spec live onstage at Montreal Improv. You can hear Kate Bradley on the podcast Topics of High Important (https://hightopics.podbean.com/) and see her live onstage at Montreal Improv. Recorded on 2018/10/20 Artwork: Stefan Spec (twitter.com/BloodThunderAnd) Theme Song: Jaymie Guy Metivier (jaymie.metivier@gmail.com) Contact info: Anthony Assaf (makingitup.pod@gmail.com)

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