016 - Radical Suburbs / Amanda Kolson Hurley / Diamond Jim Brady


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Story: Diamond Jim Brady's Million Dollar Sauce. Famous gourmand and eccentric rich person of the Gilded Age goes to ludicrous lengths to steal the recipe for what is purported to be the world's most delicious sauce for Filet of Sole. How far would you go to satisfy a food craving? Spoiler alert - you wouldn't go as far as Diamond Jim.

Guest: Amanda Kolson Hurley, author of the new book Radical Suburbs. We talk about what makes some suburbs interesting and why most of them aren't. Fans of urban planning, architecture, and America's vast range of issues with affordable and sustainable housing will find Amanda and her book fascinating. Extended version of the interview available on Patreon.

Cocktail of the month: The Suburban

Question Cathy returns with a special Patreon-only mailbag.

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