Episode 6: Sanni McCandless


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Photo by Sanni McCandless

Photo by Sanni McCandless

Sanni (like Saw-Knee people, yes I had to ask too) McCandless is a climber and... well let's borrow from her website, shall we?
"Sanni McCandless, CPC, ELI-MP is a transition coach for outdoor-focused individuals who want to create more tailored, intentional lifestyles and find agency in their own lives. In her work, she helps people overcome the doubts and concerns that constantly get in the way of living fearlessly and feeling fulfilled. Sanni challenges clients to communicate more honestly with those around them, stop making fear-based decisions, and achieve goals that have been on the back burner for too long." In this Ep we talk about coaching, feminism, more feminism, and what it's like for Sanni to have her bare butt on the internet ;) Join us!

You can find more from Sanni McCandless on her website, on Instagram @sannimccandless, on Facebook, and on her blog Thirty Five Degrees West.

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