Feet for Breakfast, Fists for Lunch


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Danny Rand, The Immortal Iron Fist: Street-Smart, Billionaire, Hopeless Romantic, Ass-Kicker...

It's his job to protect the innocent from the endless hordes; but when Hydra set their sights on his company and his life, it's his job to protect himself.

Hydra may be Legion, but Danny's slain a dragon.

In this first issue of my favorite comic book run of all time (don't tell Pete), Danny Rand gets hammered from boardroom to rooftop brawl, but if you know anything about The Big IF, you know he can give as good as he gets.

This one was recorded with all the love, My People.


Danny-boy, Light it up!

*Producers note: towards the end when I say "two swans," I meant two cranes. Not all white birds look alike.

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