Meet the meQuanics - E45 - #TQC2018 Industry session


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From July 16th to 20th 2018 at the University of Technology, Sydney the centre Quantum Software and Information hosted the 13th Annual conference on the theory of quantum computation, communication and cryptography (TQC) and the 1st international workshop on quantum software and quantum machine learning (QSML). On the last night of TQC an industry session was hosted and a lengthy discussion between the panelists and the audience took place. This is that discussion. On the panel we were delighted to have Michael Hush - Q-CTRL Maria Schuld - Xanadu Dave Bacon - Google Chris Granade - Microsoft Nick Rubin - Rigetti The audience was not miked up, so I have re-recorded and paraphrased the questions being asked Please subscribe to the meQuanics podcast and Follow us on twitter for updates and new episodes

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