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gatewayftblind@gmail.comMEET THE PEOPLE Chip and Denny invite you to meet the people that make the Missouri Council of the Blind what it is. Since it’s founding in 1966, MCB has made an impact on the blind community of Missouri. From supporting and advocating for programs such as Missouri Rehab Services for the Blind and Missouri Assistive Technology to successfully challenging the state of Missouri in a legal battle over money that rightfully belonged to the blind. In fulfilling our mission to promote the general well-being of our members and legally blind people in Missouri, and to support or participate in other programs promoting the best interests of legally blind people everywhere, MCB has had and still do have members that step up to the plate to do what is necessary to support and advocate for the blind of Missouri. Who are these people and what makes them who they are? You may have heard their names but not who they are. Some of them will be familiar names and others may not be well known, but all of them make MCB what it is today. Join Chip and Denny as they have an informal conversation with the people that made MCB what it was and what it is today.

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