Megayacht News Radio: Patrick Coote, Northrop & Johnson


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Northrop & Johnson specializes in a variety of services, including yacht charter. As part of its senior team, Patrick Coote is helping to define the company’s global marketing strategy so that it can continue to grow. Like many business over the past few months, Northrop & Johnson saw an impact on charter bookings due to COVID-19. However, with restrictions lifting, and people eager to get out and about again—especially out on the water—Patrick and the team have been letting them know what’s available, and where, while still being mindful of practical concerns. In this episode of Megayacht News Radio, we discuss with Patrick: what traditional charter regions are fully open and what’s open with some limitationshow Northrop & Johnson communicates health-safety information to inquiring charter clients concerned about the viruswhat customers need to understand about cancellation policieshow the company is making a concerted effort to attract newcomers to yacht charter.

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