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By Meri Kahani - My Story, Umbereen Inayet with contributing authors Mehreen Poonja, Kaur Bhalru, and Ashima Suri.. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
Meri Kahani: My Story is a play adapted to an audiobook. This tapestry of monologues gives voice to often unseen layers of painful and taboo experiences of South Asian women. Delivered with poetic brilliance and an unflinching rawness, Meri Kahani delicately handles themes of forced marriage, sexual abuse, domestic violence, social expectations and inter-generational divisions. Pushing to the surface through the weight of these painful stories are examples of resilience, a longing for justice and an opportunity to heal through uncovering abuse hidden behind culture and silence. Meri Kahani: My Story The Audiobook Author: Umbereen Inayet Contributing Authors: Mehreen Poonja Ashima Suri Mandeep Kaur Bhalru Cast: (in order of appearance) 1. Ashima Suri 2. Sonia Pahwa & Meera Solanki Estrada 3. Ashima Suri & Jasmine Sawant 4. Ashima Suri & Nadiya Shah 5. Sonia Pahwa & Meera Solanki Estrada 6. Ashima Suri & Sarah Menzies 7. Ashima Suri & Mandeep Kaur Bhalru 8. Sonia Pahwa & Meera Solanki Estrada 9. Ashima Suri & Zavaré Tengra 10. Sonia Pahwa & Meera Solanki Estrada 11. Ashima Suri 12. Ashima Suri Intro and outro music by Nicolas "Murr" Murray. Special thanks to Performance Artist, Iman Grewal as part of Phul's Kahani, Chris Penrose, Maneesh Bidaye and Elena Golubtsova.

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