7. Words to Roger Waters / Pelosi in Taiwan / CCP Propaganda


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Freddy and Emily are back for a special episode.
Freddy warns about the pervasiveness of Chinese CCP propaganda (we’re talking to you, Roger Waters), and how, for those under the propaganda of the CCP, we invite you to come visit Taiwan, then you’ll understand how wrong the CCP propaganda is about a lot of things - especially Taiwan.
Emily talks about Chen Chu, a Taiwanese politician seen in photos with Nancy Pelosi during her recent trip to Taiwan, but hasn’t been mentioned much in the media. In 1980 Chen Chu was a political activist and stood in front of a military court in Taipei. She was subsequently sentenced and jailed there. Fast forward to 2022, she’s giving a tour of the Human Rights Museum (the former prison) to U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the delegation. This shows how much Taiwan has progressed since authoritarian rule. Authoritarian rules does not last forever. It cannot last forever.
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