Microservices For Everyone w/Tom Fanara


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Coming from an architectural background and education in architecture, Tom Fanara, host of the Microservices For Everyone podcast has been on a quest for always improving software architecture.Microservices appeals to Tom in many ways, especially when implemented within Event Driven Architecture or EDA. As a result of doing both well a graph or map can be produced so the team has a self-documenting reference to guide and track enterprise information activities and events.For microservices to survive it must maintain a strong value proposition. It needs to be explained to non-technical people involved in information business processes to be effective.It also must be explained well to high level IT managers of small, medium, and large enterprises. They must have a feel for the value, feasibility, and power of microservices.The Microservices for Everyone Podcast series is designed to gradually give stakeholders a clear understanding! Enjoy,Tom Fanara

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