106 - Microsoft Scheduler and dawn of Intelligent PDAs with Dr. Pamela Bhattacharya


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In a world where productivity is paramount and only a handful of people have personal assistants, many of us are frustrated by the amount of time we spend in meetings, and worse, the amount time we spend planning, scheduling and rescheduling those meetings! Fortunately, Dr. Pamela Bhattacharya, a Principal Applied Scientist in Microsoft’s Outlook group, wants to turn your email into your own personal assistant. And a smart one at that!

Today, Dr. Bhattacharya tells us all about Scheduler, Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant, and how her team is using machine learning to put the “I” in intelligent PDAs. She also talks about how understanding different levels of automation can help us set the right expectations for our experience with AI, and explains how, in the workplace of the future, we might actually achieve more by doing less.


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