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On this special episode of Monetize the Mic, Booking Agent and Team Lead Riley gets the chance to sit down with Scott Schober to talk all about podcast interview strategy!

Scott is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, a 48-year-old, New Jersey-based provider of advanced, world-class wireless test and security solutions. He is the author of three best-selling security books: Hacked Again, Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business, and Senior Cyber.

Scott is a highly sought-after author and expert for live security events, media appearances, and commentary on the topics of ransomware, wireless threats, drone surveillance and hacking, cybersecurity for consumers, and small business. He is often seen on ABC News, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera America, CBS This Morning News, CNN, Fox Business, and many more networks.

Scott also serves as the CSO and Chief Media Commentator for Cybersecurity Ventures and sits on several cyber advisory boards for various companies.

Riley asks Scott about the preparation process for all of his media appearances and podcast interviews. How does Scott create a structure around such a busy process?

Scott’s first piece of advice is, it’s never good to be too comfortable. Once you feel like you’re in your comfort zone, you should try to get out of it. It’s great to be confident but you still want to have some butterflies. If you’re too confident, sometimes you won’t know what to say.

He also highly recommends spending the time to educate yourself and prepare. Before any media appearance or podcast interview, Scott always reads a few articles about the topic he wants to discuss. He then digests it and meditates on it. When he goes on a podcast, he always likes to make it a goal to have three stats that he can remember off the top of his head. Scott will weave in a statistic to bring home the point in his interviews!

Most importantly, Scott explains that you have to be true to yourself and be authentic. While doing this, you can apply practical tips that are not too complex. By doing that, people will walk away and have learned something that they can apply in their own lives. It’s so important to always share something, impart some knowledge, and teach something. That will make your interviews more effective and it will help grow your brand!

Scott has an incredibly busy schedule and busy life. Riley helped Scott right away by recommending that he start tracking all his interviews. Scott has over 50 interviews in his Interview Connections package, so organization is key. Scott encourages everyone listening to track their podcast interviews!

He also recommends preparing for an interview 24 hours in advance and keeping it topical. For Scott, education is key to being the best expert he can be.

Before going on a podcast, Scott always listens to who is going to be interviewing him. He listens to the show and gets a sense of their style. The more natural the interview, the better it is. It may seem obvious, but Scott always thanks the person who interviewed him! He likes to write a little thank you note, and point out something specific and positive about the experience.

Hosting a podcast isn’t easy work, and a host will appreciate it! Scott also always shares and promotes the podcast episodes he’s been on. It’s not just about you, sharing your interviews is also about thanking the host and building a foundation with them.

Scott also reminds listeners to make sure that they have decent quality equipment before their podcast interview. Don’t show up unprepared. About half of the podcasts Scott does are video, he’s always ready to potentially be on video. He reminds us that if you fumble on the technical side, you lose your focus. You want to focus on the interview! Scott also keeps a physical checklist of everything he needs for the interview. This helps to frame things, and makes him a better guest.

Riley asks if Scott can speak to the importance of improvisation and staying on your feet as a podcast guest.

This skill is fundamental, explains Scott. He stresses the importance of being able to read the audience. To be a great podcast guest, you have to know your audience and have the flexibility to pivot if necessary. Put yourself in their shoes!

Scott reminds us that a podcast host is giving you an opportunity to speak and share your expertise. They’re giving you the power of the mic, and you should be gracious. Thank them for the privilege that you’re there!

He also recommends that if you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t try to fake it. That breaks down your credibility and hurts the podcast. Stay true to yourself and do the research!

A fascinating effect that Scott has noticed is the more podcasts you do, the more opportunities you have. As he’s been doing dozens of podcast interviews, Scott has now received opportunities for radio, speaking, conferences, TV, and more. Scott really believes in the service mindset of a podcast guest. For Scott, the more you do for other people, the more it comes back indirectly. Whatever you give away will come back to you twofold. Put yourself out there, you don’t know what’s going to happen!

You can find Scott at his website, scottschober.com, and on his podcast, What Keeps You Up at Night!

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