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Old-time Radio Essentials continues its 3rd season with an episode of Birds Eye Open House – "Groucho Brings a Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner"! This one's Pete's pick, or rather, that of his special guest, Essential Listener Noah Diamond*. Noah's an actor, author, podcaster, Marxian Scholar, and off-Broadway Groucho impersonator, not to mention a very funny guy, so you can imagine the discussion of this episode's merits by Noah and our three co-hosts will be sparkling and rapid-fire and exceptionally funny. But why imagine it? Tune in and find out!

And since we're on the subject of finding things out, while you listen you'll learn if we feel this entry meets the following criteria:

1. Is it truly representative of that series? (Can anyone point to it and say, "Yes, that is what [NAME OF SERIES] was all about.")

2. Is it an episode worthy of inclusion in any and every OTR aficionado's private collection?

So with this in mind, we three bring you, as our thirty-fifth number (but 10th official episode of S3), this episode of Birds Eye Open House, from 11/22/45. We'll introduce the show, play it in its entirety, then discuss it at length. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Next Time: Dave brings us an episode of Let George Do It!

*Noah's body of work (and possibly his body) can be found at noahdiamond.com

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