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Welcome to the More Cheese Less Whiskers Podcast Today we are talking with Ashe Higgs from Tempe, Arizona.

Ashe runs a martial arts program called I Liq Chuan and as you listen to this episode, you'll see the underlying structure, the puzzle that we're trying to solve is essentially, he has a location where he serves members through classes and private lessons, so how can we best fill that capacity.

That’s the mechanics, the logistics of what actually happens and you can overlay everything that we talk about to any business that follows that model. It could just as easily be a fitness studio, an after school tutoring program, a tennis or golf instructor or anything where the model is that you find people, you bring them into your environment, you let them experience what you have to offer, and they join to stay as a member and continue to use those services.

It's important you understand the underlying limitations, constraints or goals for what we're looking at here. It's often the case when we start out to want to focus on the ad or what can we do to generate leads. You’ll see today that the path to Profit Activator 2 often goes through Profit Activator 5, understanding exactly what it is that you do to create that world-class experience, that dream come true for people, and Profit Activator 1 of who is that an ideal fit for.

Once you understand those two things then we can get to work on the rest of the before unit activator.

I think you're really going to enjoy this episode no matter what business you're in.

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