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Welcome everyone, today I am speaking with Jason Fox. Jason is a farrier from a little west of me, in Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. We've been running into each other for years at clinics and conventions and I've always had great conversations with him when we did. Jason is a deep thinker and for many reasons, I would consider him a holistic thinker. This combined with his confidence to ask questions, when sometimes no one else in the audience would, is why I knew this would be a great podcast episode. You will occasionally hear Jason refer to another farrier named Pete or Peter and that is Mr Peter Ayranto CJF, who was a guest in another episode, which if you haven't already heard was pretty good.

You may agree or disagree with Jason, but I guarantee he will leave you thinking more critically about many aspects of our job. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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