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Welcome everyone, today I'm speaking with Jason RoTramel, CJF ASF.

If you have been to a farrier competition in the U S you have probably noticed a gentleman with a beard of epic proportions, the coolest hat in the crowd, and a cell phone on a tripod, this would be Jason. If you nudge someone and ask who that character and the great hat is, they will usually say “Oh, that's Jason, he's the Kahn Forge guy”. As you will hear, Jason played a big role in helping to rebrand the relatively unknown company from China selling horseshoes nails and tools to the Kahn Forge name we know today. While Jason isn't a partner in Kahn, he is a definitely a brand ambassador who was passionate about the product and that passion shows in this conversation.

He also has his side project Vagabond Forge, we discuss what he's been up to there and where he wants to head. I had a lot of fun with Jason in this interview. He even turned the tables on me a couple times and asked me some questions. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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