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My name is Luis Menchaca and welcome to my podcast! This is a show where I bring 3 of my friends to the table to talk about random topics of discussion for your amusement. Each person at the table will have their turn to bring up a topic of discussion. I want to let you know that I will be bringing on more guests over time and I hope you will be seeing the same faces on a rotation. That said I hope that you have fun listening and hanging out with me and my friends. To interact with the show you can leave a comment below with any reactions to what we said or if you want to suggest a topic you can also comment below. If you wish to talk with me directly, follow me on twitter @chacalaca88. If 140 characters aren't enough, email me directly at and we can work your topics onto the show and of course I'll give you a shoutout (either username or real name) on the next podcast. If you want to play alongside me, against me, or even watch me play, I am on PSN, Nintendo Network, XBL, and Twitch as Chacalaca88 Hope you Enjoy!

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