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My So-Called Whatever is a weekly 80’s/90’s nostalgia and NKOTB podcast (New Kids on the Block) based on awkward moments and experiences of two life-long friends and their listeners. If you love New Kids on the Block, you'll love our biweekly "Block Party" episodes where we share NKOTB fan stories from our listeners or even get lucky enough to have a special guest. Be sure to check out our Original Cover Girl episode where we find and talk to the Original Hangin' Tough Cover Girl - or dive into our Donnie Wahlberg Episode - we still can't believe that happened! If you love the 80s & 90s you'll love our biweekly nostalgia episodes that dive into many great topics that we love to discuss and remember. We love it when we're able to share a story from our listeners and it's SO exciting when we get the opportunity to bring on a special guest. Be sure to check out our Shane McDermott (Swans Crossing, Airborne) episode and our Keith Coogan (Adventures in Babysitting, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead) episode. New episodes are released every Monday - so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything! Do you have an 80s/90s related story to share with us? What about a New Kids on the Block fan story? Send it to Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@socalledwhatev), Instagram (@mysocalledwhatever), Facebook (My So-Called Whatever), and be sure to join our My So-Called Whatever Facebook Group!

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