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Season 2 starts with a look back at the last half year of world newz

So it's been a while and we're sorry to have let you waited so long, dear listeners. But here we are again with season 2 of the Newz of the World. We browse Wikipedia's history records to summarise what has happened since we left you and try to get a grip on what was important, interesting and noteworthy.



1. Intro (00:00:00)

2. Prologue (00:00:14)

3. Looking back with Wikipedia (00:11:01)

4. International Coalition against IS (00:13:23)

5. Kind Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dies (00:20:44)

6. Government overthrown in Yemen (00:22:23)

7. Charlie Hebdo and the problem with prisons (00:24:38)

8. Russia, Ukraine and the Minsk II ceasefire (00:36:17)

9. US and Cuba staring at the sunset (00:54:22)

10. Rosetta and Philae (01:03:44)

11. Epilogue (01:12:24)

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