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Ruth Bader Ginsburg — The US Senate Race — Electoral College — Moria Camp — Covid Situation

Here we go again and we continue to look at US policitics primarily. The US is mourning the loss of Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg which was also an icon of the left. And of course the Republicans are now trying to fill the open seat ahead of the elections. We explain what's going on and what this is important (or not). We briefly discuss the embaressing situation of the refugees on Lesbos and how we deal with the Corona reality.

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1. Intro (00:00:00)

2. Introduction (00:00:15)

3. Feedback (00:01:03)

4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (00:01:58)

5. Supreme Court Seat Drama (00:09:04)

6. The Senate Race (00:23:10)

7. The Electoral College (00:35:46)

8. Trump's Tax Returns (00:40:12)

9. The Moria Situation (00:55:20)

10. The Covid Situation (01:09:14)

11. Epilogue (01:29:33)

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