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Show is catered towards the deeper side of the house spectrum. New episode comes out every two weeks from Bucky Fargo and Special E.D. rotating host duties.
Bucky Fargo (first show of each month)
Rooted in the dark, spacey sounds of minimal/techno, Bucky Fargo takes audiences on tech-heavy ride suited for the after-midnight set. Growing up in the house epicenter of Chicago, Fargo took some points from the radio pioneers who crafted a weekly vibe on the Hot Mix 5 of WBMX 102.7. In junior high, he was known for carting around boxes of self-styled mix tapes and giving them to friends just to spread the house sound. After hunting down music of his interest in runned down warehouses, Bucky was quickly influenced by the rave scene in the 90 's
In no time Bucky was a seasoned conductor of the Midwest rave scene and playing some of the most respected club events acorss the tri state area. In 2004, he took his role as a DJ one step further, landing gigs on the trans-Atlantic party circuits of Eastern Europe and beyond.
These days, Fargo still works plenty of overseas play dates, joining the ranks of some of the most respected artists. The recent launch of this new label, Nightsweat Recordings, has kept this minimal mastermind busy in Chicago. The imprint will include some of the premiere producers on the minima/tech-housel scene. The label spotlights an array of minimal tech-house talent, with Fargo as the main behind it all.
His long-and-layered transitions keep crowds wondering where the next breakdown will break. Pushing the boundaries and always experimenting with dance floors everywhere, Bucky is always keeping listeners on their feet. His work on Step Forward Radio is gradually being picked up by radio shows across the globe..combined with his recent migration back into the studio ensures that Fargo is clearly making heads turn.
Special E.D. (mid month show each month)
Special E.D. is a dynamic duo that features two of Chicago’s most innovative DJs. Longtime friends Elias Younan and Daniel Maric established Special E.D. with a simple goal in mind: Exploring the world with headphones on. By morphing as one with the crowd, Special E.D. hopes to create memories across the world through a unified love for house music while highlighting the well-known Chicago sound from city to city and country to country.
With the goal of becoming a global brand, Special E.D. emphasizes its presence in unique intimate Chicago venues such as its Thursday night residency, “The Exchange,” at Jbar Chicago. Within its first year of existence, the duo opened for acclaimed DJ Nic Fanciulli during his SAVED tour at Chicago’s famous Spy Bar and established its name as a genuine grass-roots, organic-house duo in the Chicago music and club scenes.
Special E.D.’s reputation has even carried them across the U.S. border into Toronto. In 2011, they have already begun production with original releases slated for the coming summer. Househeads can expect to be floored by the duo’s releases as well as performances, which will always feature a well-rounded selection of music, both proper and improper use of technology, and a vigorous stage presence.
“The organic mind frame allows convention to be broken and ushers in innovation and individuality,” says E.D. But what is the organic mind frame?
As told by E.D., the organic mind frame is simple – you do it how you like it. It’s not forced or rehearsed; it involves capturing the moment and putting out exactly what you feel. What inspires this experience? Elements like environment, crowd energy, personal mood, the crazy child inside bursting out as it should, and everything in between. Organic is when something is natural and occurs freely. Then you take it in, accept it, and let it continue its natural path. This is a behavior and lifestyle that Special E.D. encourages and applies to its global mission everyday.

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