S2, Ep 6: Sarah | Stand-up comedy, Brexit, and the romance vs reality of living in London


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It’s the last episode of the season, and what a guest to end with! Sarah is an Australian comedian now living in London, which she’s called home since 2002.

Sarah and I met working at Glastonbury Festival’s radio station, Worthy FM, about eight years ago, when I was drawn to her cheerful nature and (obviously) cracking sense of humour. In this episode we discuss the realities of moving half way around the world without a secure job, the romance vs reality of moving abroad, and the mood in London around Brexit.

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Keep up with Sarah on Twitter or Instagram: @sarahbennetto / @sarahbennetto

Learn more about End of the Road Festival, which Sarah curates the comedy for, here: https://endoftheroadfestival.com/ and on Twitter: @EOTR

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