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The Nonprofit Startup Podcast is a new podcast that documents the success and setbacks of launching a nonprofit.
Chronicling Nerdy Media’s founder and executive, La Toia’s journey to become a social entrepreneur.
There are many podcast that explore the stories of technology, clothing, or products startup, but what does it take to launch a non profit organization in the 21st century.
Season one is a real-time story of how the 501c3 Chicago-based organization Nerdy Media evolved from a concept to launching the first program addressing Chicago’s high youth unemployment. Through storytelling and candid conversations each episode explores the ah-ha moments and resources that helps La Toia realize her passion and pursuit for social impact and financial sustainability.
* NOTE: Somehow you found my podcast that once upon a time a series of curated episodes with a solid launch strategy. Produced in 2015 and published in 2018, intended to inform and inspire social entrepreneurship. Not my best work, however I would rather share (but not promote) very rough edits and incomplete episodes that someone may find useful.
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