0101 NumberOneBeats With A.C.K. (Miami WMC Edition)


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NumberOneBeats With A.C.K. 0101 1. Oscar Akagy – Blood Of My Blood (Original Mix) 2. Pepo WB – Funky Groove 3. Coco Silco & Santy Lafonte – Plastic (Original Mix) 4. Blas Marin Antonio Jimenez – El Ritmo (Original Mix) 5. Souljackerz– No ID 6. Juan Gimeno – Heat Up (Original Mix) 7. DJ Monxa & The Henchmen – Lost In Cuba (Original Mix) 8. Souljackerz Feat. L.A.B – Our Generation (Max Gabriel Remix) 9. Miami Rockers – Disco Reverenge (Disco Club Mix) 10. Mixline – House Of World (DJ Fist Remix) 11. Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez Feat. Shawnee Taylor – My Melody (Dub Mix) 12. Sifonsky & Evsik – Resurrection (Original Mix) 13. Austin Leeds – Eleven (Original Mix) 14. Emrah Is – Eden Blur (Extended Mix) 15. Ton! Dyson – Face Off (Original Vox Mix) 16. Tim Jirgenson – It’s Coming (Original Mix) BOOKING & REMIX REQUESTS: INFO@NUMBERONEBEATS.COM www.numberonebeats.de - www.dj-ack.com - www.twitter.com/ackinthemix - www.youtube.com/ackinthemix - www.youtube.com/NumberOneBeats - http://thedjlist.com/djs/A.C.K./ !!ONLY FOR PROMOTIONAL USE!! ALL THE TRACKS ARE UNDER 5 MINUTES SHORT MIXED AND WITH RADIO SHOW ID'S TO SAVE THE MUSIC & THE MUSICIANS WORK!!

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