Ep: 36 Induction of labour for PROM Birth story with Claire & Luke


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Claire & Luke attending the live 12-hour Hypnobirthing course with Shari to help them prepare for birth and when Claires water broke she thought for sure everything was going to happen in perfect timing... but when it didn't and there was a risk of infection they had to draw on the knowledge they learned in their Hypnobirthing course, consult with their caregiver who recommended that induction of labour was safest to birth their baby boy Beau.

With everything they learned Claire was able to breathe through her surges and Luke knew how to support Claire through a posterior labour using the acupressure points.

They shared their beautiful birth video on their Instagram IGTV. You can follow them at @coachedbyclaire @islandofluke @vanlifestraya and watch their amazing induction birth video.

Thank you Claire and Luke for sharing this empowering birth story with us.

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