#009 Shelley Kuipers - Activism Through Community


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In this first episode of 2020 we are very pleased to welcome Shelley Kuipers who is an activist in business, fashion, feminism and finance. In this episode we focussed upon three things that she is activating right now.

  1. Firstly she is co-founder of The51 investment fund focussed on female investors and entrepreneurs.
  2. Secondly she has co-created a sustainable clothing label called Harris Kuipers.
  3. Lastly she is a founder and CEO of a technology company called IOVIA which builds people-powered, sustainable brand communities for the likes of Unilever and IKEA whom we discuss in this episode.

Shelley is based in Canada and we first met over 10 years ago, and since then we’ve worked together on many projects including helping to co-create LEGO Ideas - which is now described as the world’s most successful customer crowdsourcing communities. I’ve always found that she has a blend of humility and curiosity, coupled with ambition and resilience, which is as rare as it is powerful.

We had a really interesting and insightful conversation, where we talked about activism through building community, and in particular exploring whether business can be a force for good in the world.





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