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Mylon Le Fevre was born into a gospel-singing family. When Mylon was 17 years old, his first song, “Without Him,” was recorded by Elvis Presley. Over the next year 126 artists recorded Mylon’s songs. At 19 he made his first album and has sold millions since then.After living the rock and roll lifestyle and getting high with the biggest stars in the world, Mylon found himself in a pit of hopelessness. When he accepted Jesus as the Lord of his life in 1980, he was supernaturally delivered from heroin and cocaine addiction. Mylon finally found what he was looking for, unconditional Love.While serving as a church janitor he started his legendary Contemporary Christian rock band, Mylon and Broken Heart. After much persecution from the church, the band became one of the biggest headlining acts of the 1980’s. Music historians credit Mylon and Broken Heart for helping to pave the way for the freedom worship bands enjoy today. But what Mylon treasures most about that season, is the privilege of leading over 200,000 people to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.After answering the call to preach the Word of God in 1993, Mylon’s dream now is to lead at least a million people to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Joel 3:14 says that there are “Multitudes in the valley of decision. For the day of the Lord is near.” Mylon and his wife Christi are anointed to simplify and share The Truth of God’s Word with those who have ears to hear.In that endeavor, Mylon and Christi have traveled millions of miles all over the world together. They have answered the call to “teach, preach and make disciples.” You can see them ministering in churches, prisons, outreaches, conferences, crusades and on TV.

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