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Exploring anything and everything Pharmacy and drugs from the perspective of a slightly sarcastic, extremely professional, and, hopefully, witty third year Pharmacy student (P3). I'll be diving into harder to discuss topics that will hopefully bring insight into the unknown world of Pharmacy. I take an interdisciplinary approach to all healthcare topics and professions through candid interviews with students, practicing professionals, and discussing new innovations in healthcare I get exposed to as I continue to earn my Pharm. D.. All while hopefully making you laugh a little and learn something along the way. My goal for this podcast is to help promote the profession as a whole, and help all people and healthcare professionals stay #AWARxE🥼of the many important roles Pharmacists play in healthcare. Furthermore, I hope to make this podcast something future pharmacists, patients, and friends of mine will enjoy and benefit from. Maybe even inspire others wanting to move into a career in the medical field to consider pursuing an exciting, and totally not boring, career in Pharmacy. If that sounds interesting to you, then I'd appreciate you Prescribing (haha that's a pharmacy pun for Subscribing), leaving a (5 star) rating and review on Apple Podcasts (link provided), and sharing it with friends. With care, DD (David Dent) Follow me on all the Socials for memes, pharmacy news, and much much more #OVERxDOSE💊 *Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast should not be used in place of professional medical advice. If you have any questions or need help with your medical conditions, please speak with your medical provider or local pharmacist for assistance.

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