The Bear Trap: The Soviet-Afghan War


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Afghanistan is a country no empire could successfully invade. Even the British Empire, the largest Earth has ever seen, couldn't bring it fully into its fold despite three attempts. Despite its position sandwiched between British India and the Russian Empire (later Soviet Union), Afghanistan remained isolated, even well into the 20th century. Albeit an ethnically diverse, the Afghan people were united under their shared Islamic faith, and desire to form their own national identity, free from interference, and free from colonial chains.

Fate hasn't been kind to Afghanistan, and following a violent coup, found itself a communist state under the watchful eye of the Soviet Union. The people, once again bonded by their national identity, banded together to oppose the ruthless regime and reclaim their sovereignty. On the request of the Afghan government, Soviet troops poured into the country to quell the unrest. Little did they know they stepped right into the bear trap, creating a quagmire Afghanistan continues to suffer the aftershocks of today. Furthermore, from the conflict would arise people who would go on to commit great atrocities. This includes a man who would order an attack which engulfed Manhattan in ash.


Ay Jan / Alap Robab / Srang Srang Srang (Traditional Afghan Music), Anello Capuano and Bruno Assenmacher

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