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Since launching his career as a journalist three decades ago, Michael Silver has demonstrated an uncanny ability to connect with the sports world’s most compelling figures—and to get them to open up about their most cherished convictions and experiences. From Dennis Rodman to Anna Kournikova, from Joe Montana to Marshawn Lynch, Silver’s interview subjects have consistently delivered, and no one in his field has a more diverse and impressive array of relationships. Now the award-winning writer (Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports, GQ) and television personality (NFL Network) is set to launch a podcast which will bring these interactions to life on a recurring basis. At a time when the intersection of sports, politics, pop culture and social media has never been more crowded, Pass It Down will take listeners on an entertaining and enlightening joyride. Riding shotgun will be Silver’s daughter, Natalie, a UC Berkeley graduate (like her parents) who has experience in the realms of music, national politics, journalism, comedy, film, social media and college-football recruiting. Natalie’s ability to filter her father’s exploits through a contemporary prism while processing pro football and other mainstream sports through a fresh set of eyes will lend a multi-generational layer to the conversations and infuse them with a tinge of humor.

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