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Vintage Paul Fabulous... This podcast is a pre-cursor to my NEW Fabulous Relationship Creation podcast, which you will LOVE LOVE & LOVE even more! You can find me here... see you soon! Paul Fab ---- Welcome to my ( original version ) Super-Manual for creating. People were using this to create their ideal partnerships, whether they are single or with someone. And I am also using this with my clients to create in every other part of their lives as well, from finding their powerful authentic voice that reaches people's hearts, to health and wellbeing, success in their business, increasing their income and abundance. I hope you will use this starter-version of my fabulous method to give you a profound boost to create the beautiful life you have been wanting. You also get to hear me sing and play the piano as I guide you through... Would you kindly SUPPORT THIS PODCAST BY HITTING THE FOLLOW BUTTON and writing a beautiful review. Thank you for listening! Join my newsletter Contact:

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