The Enemy Within - Shadows Over Averheim


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This is a short teaser for my current Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition campaign, The Enemy Within: Shadows Over Averheim.

Surely you mean Shadows Over Bogenhafen you mad fool?

The Enemy Within is a classic Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign. Actually there's two of them, and we don't want a case of Mistaken Identity here!

The original classic one is currently in print for both 1E and 4E from Cubicle 7 at the moment! Ever the contrary fellow, whilst everyone and their small but vicious dog is running that I'm running the second WFRP campaign to bear the name Enemy Within, published by Fantasy Flight Games circa 2013 for WFRP 3rd Edition. It is considerably rarer and hard to track down (my own copy wasn't exactly a cheap Ebay purchase). I'm converting it to 4th Edition and running it on Foundry VTT.

To disambiguate the two campaigns I will call this conversion of the 3rd Edition campaign The Enemy Within: The Cowled Conspiracy (a name one of the authors approves of). This campaign was written by Graeme Davis and Dave Allen for Fantasy Flight Games. I believe Book 1 was primarily written by Dave Allen.

So what is this about?

The Enemy Within: The Cowled Conspiracy is an original standalone campaign that is set 8 years after the original and is also a prequel to the Storm of Chaos and thus our run of the Thousand Thrones. It parallels the themes of the original yet is a unique standalone adventure in its own right. And I'll be adding plenty of extra content, especially given the release of the new material for the original Enemy Within: Director's Cut.

Can I have the conversion?

I'll be converting this campaign, but it's a huge undertaking and I'll be looking at a way to get the conversion out there if there is demand. However unlike Mirror of Desire and Eye for an Eye, this is a huge campaign so unless it's just 4e statblocks you need, you'd be better of hunting down a copy of the campaign or the original Fantasy Flight PDF.

Can I join your game?

Yes! Our Ubersreik Adventures are on hiatus for now, and most of the players were recruited via the site - there's still 1-2 paid slots available in the unlikely event anyone's interested in joining. Otherwise the episodes will find their way here shortly when there's enough content to justify.

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