How we make our science more open - Ep. 48


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We've been talking about open science and open access publishing in previous interviews, but today we wanted to evaluate if we practice what we preach.
We identify various parts of our research that we've made more open: publishing our databases or research data online, using available datasets. We also discuss how we are moving towards more open access publishing, the role of open peer review, the importance of preprints, and how Eva's attitudes towards open access have changed over time. Eva also makes a plug for ACI Avances en Ciencias e Ingenierias, the open access science and engineering journal which does not cover an article processing charge of which Eva is the editor in chief. Based on that, we also get into the role of universities as publishing houses in Latin America, and the indexing services Redalyc and Amelica.
Another topic we discuss is the role of funding agencies in their requests to make research more open, as well as open access goals set by universities to encourage more open access publication.
Finally, we discuss the parts of our research we have not made open yet, such as code and moving towards more open source software.

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