[UNLOCKED] Bonus #1: Spilling Tea on Boba Liberalism ft. Jenny G. Zhang


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Dolly and Joey are on vacation for 2 weeks, so here's a special unlocked episode we released to just our Patreon subscribers last month. This is the *first* episode of Plum Radio ever made.

We recorded this way back in February before we launched as an IG live show. Do you remember February? We don’t either.

But we *do* remember the presidential bid of Andrew Yang, who was promising everyone free money with slogans like “Make America Think Harder,” and for some reason, “MATH.” Back in 2019, the Boba Guys endorsed Yang with a picture of a red, white, and blue boba drink with the caption “Not left, not right...but boba.”

To us, this was the perfect representation of a term we’d heard, “boba liberalism”: packaging yourself for easy consumption, with sugary politics to mask structural problems.

Which led us to our first guest: Jenny G. Zhang, staff writer at Eater and author of the essay, "The Rise (And Stall) Of The Boba Generation."

This pilot episode set the foundation for Plum Radio and what we are trying to do: reject politics as usual, relearn our history, reclaim our narrative, and build political consciousness in our community.

We hope this is only the beginning of more conversation and interesting times ahead. Let’s spill some tea!


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