A Podcaster's Guide To A Podcast Purge [Episode 160]


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While purging in the dietary sense is very bad for you, a good purge every now and again can be just the thing you need to do as a podcaster.

In this short episode, I pontificate on the following points of podcast purging:

  • Your listening list, going so far as suggesting you create "The Seven"
  • The communities you belong to, with a call to seek out new ones to join
  • The social connections you've made, which helps ensure you're fighting group-think
  • Your entire "process" of podcasting, getting rid of outdated thinking and getting you to the new baseline

I personally do a purge this way a couple times a year. And it's time once again!

(Note: Do not purge Podcast Pontifications from your listening list. I mean all the other podcasts, clearly.)

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