TRPS047 _ MOGO (LIVE SET 2020)[Tlaloc Records]


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TRPS047 _ @mogo (Live Set 2020) [Tlaloc Records] Cada mes desde la Ciudad de México para todo el mundo. Track List: 01. Damne - Nuclear Tears (Mogo Remix) [Tlaloc Records] 02. Mogo - Recolectando Esqueletos (Original Mix)[Unreleased] 03. Mogo - Un Pasajero Inesperado (Original Mix) [Tlaloc Records] 04. Mogo - Los Crimenes Que Eh Cometido (Original Mix) [Unreleased] 05. Mogo - Reencarnamiento (Original Mix) [Unreleased] 06. Mogo - Escape Y Revuelta (Original Mix) [Unreleased] 07. Mogo - The Continuity Of Existence (Original Mix) [Symbiostic] 08. Mogo - WFMM (Original Mix) [D.M.T. Records] 09. Mogo - Facial Recognition (Original Mix) [Symbiostic] 10. Mogo - WFMD (Original Mix) [D.M.T. Records] 11. Mogo - Electrocution (Original Mix) [Tlaloc Records] 12. Mogo - Electrocardiograph (Original Mix) [U.F.O.] 13. Mogo - Electrophobia (Original Mix) [Tlaloc Records] 14. Citty & Mogo - Ometeotl (Original Mixi) [Unreleased] 15. Citty & Mogo - Rotunda Encominenda [Unreleased] 16. The Hikuri Symphonic - GLDVYL004 [Hikuri Neira] Síguenos en: Beatport: Facebook: Twitter: Booking :

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