KubeCon NA 2019 Contributor Summit & Event Preview


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SHOW OVERVIEW: Chris talks with Marky Jackson (@markyjackson5, Senior Software Engineer, Sysdig) about the KubeCon Contributor Summit, their experiences contributing to the Kubernetes community, and involvement of the military veterans in open source communities.


Topic 1
- Welcome to the show. This time next week we’ll be getting ready for a busy day in San Diego at KubeCon NA 2019. What are you doing at the conference?

Topic 2 - Contributor Summit: Can you explain what this is, who should attend, and why it’s being put together?

Topic 3 - A lot of people feel intimidated by Kubernetes. But, every year the new contributor workshop fills up quickly. Why do you think that is?

Topic 4 - The day we’re recording this is Veterans’ Day. There are a number of veterans working in the Kubernetes community. What is it about Kubernetes that brings Veterans to the project?

Topic 5 - Inviting more Military members active duty, reserve or retired. We want to hear from you. We need you because...

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