01/08/17 - Conrad Carpenter and Greg Baldi - Astral Archetype/How Evil Am I?


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Greg Baldi and Conrad Carpenter are two people who have never met; but they share a common ability/condition. Most people have never heard of it, many people suffer from it and don't even know it has a name. Sleep Paralysis affects %8 of the general population. Those who suffer from it have sensations of being possessed, haunted, or abducted. Visions of demons, spirits, and shadows that visit them nightly and cause paralyzing fear. Beyond the laws of rational and time, these moments seem to be infinite. Inescapable visitors that follow them despite changing sleep schedules, moving houses, or simply getting older. A seemingly endless futility, until you break down the walls of your unconscious. Conrad sheds light on his ability to overcome the dark powers that bind his astral self. Greg confronts his archetypal darkness while literally seeing his own reflection.

There are mirrors everywhere in all realities, you face them at your job, the people you meet, and the people you love. These are all reflections, you see them how you want to see them. Everything is being unfolded unto you, for your perception. Metaphoric representations of the sacred story of life. It is up to you to witness these reflections and make changes based upon them, for your benefit and the ones around you. Like a drop of water makes ripples in the pond you too can affect the cosmic environment.

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