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The easiest future of work is the future you create at the beginning. The one that you establish when you start a company. Everything else is a battle to change established norms. Systems like to stay the same. So make one you want to keep--sounds easy, no? Join me, Leela Sinha, for a showcase of the best ideas out there for changing the way we work (and live) for the better. If you're a leader, if you're a founder, if you're an executive who just doesn't believe the way it's always been is the way it has to be, this podcast is for you. We'll talk ethical growth, real change, and networking that really IS about relationships. We'll get creative about solving the problems that make people quit by deconstructing the assumptions that keep us stuck and asking over and over: where does the power need to pivot? How could this be better...and the big one: where do I have the power to change it? If you're sick of feeling like you have to trade in your integrity to reach the top of your game, tune in. See you soon!

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