Episode 146: The Importance of Practice - Michael Hageloh


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Is selling just a job, or is it a lifestyle? Is it possible that people normally seen as innovators are really just masters of sales? These are some of the topics addressed by today’s guest. Michael Hageloh is the author of the book Live from Cupertino. Michael spent 22 years working with Apple, then turned his attention to working with entrepreneurial startups. Listen to today’s episode to hear what Michael has to say about applying strategy to process, the importance of practice, and how practice applies to the concepts that Michael explains in his book.

Episode Highlights:

  • Where Michael’s work fits in along the pipeline
  • Applying strategy to process
  • How practice applies to the concepts in Michael’s book
  • How to put together a conversation to practice the conversation
  • Selling as a lifestyle
  • Disruptive revolution
  • Building connections that lead to relationships
  • Understanding the outlier
  • How goals are one part of a system


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