Presentation Hell


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Have you ever felt like poking your eyes with needles when creating a slide deck? Felt humiliated and deflated after given an important presentation. Or maybe just embarrassed in front of your family and friends because you’re great story fell flat? No one was paying attention.

Then you’ve been to Presentation Hell.

Post pandemic, we are all making more presentations online than ever before. So, we need new, better skills to raise our presentation game. And, since there are fewer opportunities to speak and meet in person, the stakes are higher. We can’t afford to make a mistake, fall on our face and lose that one precious opportunity to make a 5 star impression.

Even from our phones, we are carrying social media posts, pictures, videos, documents everywhere we go. Every time we pull out our phone to show and tell, we are giving a presentation. It’s another chance to make a great impression. All the world is a stage. All the world is a presentation.

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