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Southern Humor - Motivation - Storytelling at its finest - Garrison Keillor Meets Minnie Pearl. Welcome to Prides Hollow, the small town with a big heart. Where people stay but the gossip travels. Award-winning storyteller Kelly Swanson takes you to her town of Prides Hollow, about a mile and a hair past nowhere. Where the simple life is revered, ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories are never fancy - they're just about the people. And everything is better with a casserole and a bless your heart. It's the mythical town filled with people you know. Season 1 is all about the challenge Old Man Wither's has left to the town - to do something brave. These are their stories. Plenty of humor with lots of heart.The video version of this podcast is on youtube on PridesHollow.comFor more about Kelly go to To get your key to the city go to

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