July 5, 2018: F1 Pit Crews, Roadmap Ambiguity, Vision


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9 Lessons Product Teams Can Learn from Formula 1 Pit Stops https://blog.sprintwell.com/9-lessons-product-teams-can-learn-from-formula-1-pit-stops/ Roadmapping Without Dates: Build Yourself A Better Strategic Plan https://www.prodpad.com/blog/roadmapping-without-dates/ Product Vision for Product Managers https://uxplanet.org/product-vision-for-product-managers-da4539065753 Betting on Things That Never Change (includes the Bezos quotation mentioned): http://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/betting-on-things-that-never-change/ Single-question feedback form to help us improve PMD: https://goo.gl/forms/kDEJcBWum9UkE9Rq1 Sponsored by Crema, a 100% US-based digital product agency. Check us out at http://Crema.us

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