"This Is The Brillo Pad Space": Multimodality And Composition


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Hello and welcome to yet another episode of Prolific: A Podcast Journey Through Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication. For this episode, we’re focusing on multimodal composition and multimodality. Now, unlike prior episodes, the bulk of the resources and concepts are discussed in the actual discussion part of the episode (if you’re new, the latter part of the episodes are sit-down, informal talks with other grad students). That said, the first part of this episodes is relatively shorter than before, though it’s still good (I promise!). As always, please feel free to reach out to me across any social media with suggestions, comments, or just to say, “Hi!” People to check out: - Jody Shipka - Kathleen Yancey - Jonathan Alexander - Jackie Rhodes - Angela Haas - Malea Powell - Cynthia Selfe - Andrea Lunsford - Cheryl Ball - Stacey Waite Resources: - Digital Rhetoric Collaborative: http://www.digitalrhetoriccollaborative.org - Cultural Rhetorics Theory Lab: https://crtheoryla

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