Building Scalable Derivatives Trading Platforms with Charles Phan of Interdax


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We chatted with Charles Phan, Chief Technology Officer from Interdax. Interdax is a next generation digital assets exchange with strong engineering roots in High Frequency Trading firms, traditional exchanges, hedge funds, investment banks, market data and liquidity providers. This episode was a lot of fun. We talked about Charles’ background in traditional finance and a prior life as a derivatives trader. We then compare and contrast traditional and crypto derivatives markets. We also talk technical details of perpetual swaps and how they differ from other derivative products. Finally, we discuss the engineering underpinnings of the interdax platform and UX and UI considerations when building the product. We finish up discussing technologies Charles is excited about. Hope you enjoy this one.


  • Charles Phan's background
  • On derivatives markets and trading
  • Differences between derivatives markets in traditional finance versus crypto
  • On Interdax
  • What his role is at Interdax
  • Building the Interdax


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