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Mahabuddhi prabhu and Ghyanashyam Prabhu they were going to the collages and distributing books and having kirtans and while distributing books and having kirtan, they would meet people and they would invite people in the evening for Satswarupa Goswami Maharaj’s lectures. Soon they were living in Vans, just traveling from college town to college town distributing books, having kirtan and having preaching programs. When Satswarupa Goswami Maharaj was asked to join Prabhupada as his personally secretary for a month, Ghyanashyam Prabhu and Mahabuddhi Prabhu opened a preaching center in a small house in the collage town of Sanintonio Texas. And by the time Satswarupa Goswami Maharaj came back, one month later they had made ten full time devotees. And all of them would duly initiated by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in one month. This was there in America. This was their enthusiasm. They met Hridayananda Goswami Maharaj and said if you really to do collage preaching, go to Boston. So many collages are there. So, they went to Boston. And they started doing book distribution and Harinama and all types of other preaching there and ultimately, they started another preaching center in Gail University right across the street from the collage. And in hardly a month they made ten full time devotees from Gail University in that area. And Mahabuddhi Prabhu told me, that Ghyanashyam, he has so much empathy, so much compassion, he personally took care of all these devotees like their mother, their father, their best friend, their guide, their servant, their everything. And one feature he said that was very extra ordinary is he just loved to serve. He was so enthusiastic to serve everyone. But there is one thing he couldn’t tolerate and that was anyone trying to serve him. He was very successful

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