"Back to the 'Cade III: On the Oregon Trail" with Sam Bahman - Original Air Date: 07.12.2018


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You have died of the measles. You receive a snakebite and you have died. You entire party has died of exhaustion. You have typhoid... and you died. Zeke has died from cholera. You have suffered an accidental gunshot wound... and you have died. You have died of dysentery. Your entire party has drowned. Sound familiar? Sam Bahman is an artist who has recently re-imagined a number of video games into fully-realized arcade versions. Games like Mega Man, Zelda, and Duck Tales never existed originally in arcades. He created a Nintendo style arcade cabinet from scratch and brought them all to life in glorious technicolor! Recently Sam was commissioned to create a *NEW* unique cabinet: OREGON TRAIL! Oregon Trail, originally designed for MECC - The Minnesota Education Computing Corporation is a simple, challenging, and educational computer program with immense replay value. It became a staple for the Apple II in the late 70s and early 80s and was eventually ported to many other systems over the years. Hosts Adam Stevens and Mark "Time Runner" Shields throw us back to 1976 with some vintage Yacht Rock moments followed by Sam's testament to gaming and how to is using his artistic super powers to bring us a little closer to arcade greatness. Original Air Date: 07.12.2018

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